Been away thinking of what I want. Haven’t seen many films during this absence but I’m learning how to appreciate the image. All is well, be back soon.   Advertisements

I’m really digging these new films with a female protagonist. I watched Molly’s Game and I, Tonya a couple of weeks ago and I can’t help but feel satisfaction from watching them. This comes right after watching a couple of action/crime films from the 1990s, where the vast majority were solely focused on males. While their… Read More


Alright, I have been avoiding writing because I cannot seem to express well what the last few films I saw meant to me. Some were good, others bad-ish. Nonetheless, they have to be part of this blog. brb with them feelings for films.

About that Cronenberg, Saw his film, Scanners (1981). Blew me away. The acting can get a little awkward, there was this character in specific, but, no shitty acting could really take you from the whole picture. The story was interesting, maybe plain, but filled the gaps nicely. The ending,  I wasn’t too sure what to… Read More